Mice, beg bugs and other such infestations can be very harmful and get in the way of living peacefully. Pest infestation has become quite common these days with increasing number of people living in urban areas and the ever-increasing amount of pollution attracting pests to such areas. It can be a great cause of concern for parents as their children are vulnerable to such pests and they may harm the child in terms of spreading hazardous diseases. However, there are a number of ways that you can use to remove these infestations from your house. The effectiveness of the technique, nevertheless, depends on the timing. Quite obviously then, the sooner you take action the better. The three main types of infestations are discussed here.

Ant infestation

Once you are a victim of ant infestation, it becomes quite difficult to remove it. This may be because of the connectedness between the creatures. One ant can bring a hundred more following it. They can therefore spread very quickly. The primary cause of ants coming in your house is food. If an ant discovers remains of food in a house, particularly food which is sweet, the ant can instantly infest the area.
However, if you want to remove them, simple cleaning will not help. This is something that ants do not share in common with other types of infestation. A clean house is as much likely to be a victim as an unclean one. It is most likely that one will require professional help from ant exterminators.

Mice Infestation

Mice infestation is another common problem in various crowded and urban areas. Causes of mice infestation vary, but the most common cause is uncleanliness and then availability of food. Essentially, mice spread when they find a house with a lot of littering that contains food leftovers and other edible matter that the mice can feed on.
As far as preventing mice infestation is concerned, one can start by cleaning each and every spot that might be a possible target. However, mice also tend to live in places that are dark and warm. This implies places such as small holes and other areas that can provide ample shelter. Such areas may include spots that are hardly visible such as under the kitchen cabinets, behind refrigerators etc. Closing such spots can be quite an effective way to keep mice at bay.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are akin to dangerous parasites that survive by feeding on the host’s blood. They are flat little creatures that can fit in almost any small space. They tend to hide under mattresses, sofas and other types of furniture. Bed bugs can spread very quickly and cover almost the entire house in a very short period of time.
One thing that differentiates these creatures from others, is that they cannot be easily discovered. This is because the only thing that they do is bite in order to draw blood. Unlike the bites from any other insect, bed bug bites do not result in a specific swelling. Rather, a person who is bitten usually attributes the biting to other insects such as mosquitos since bed bug bites leave a swollen red mark that itches.
Some general Precautions
Regularly cleaning your home is obviously the first and foremost precaution that you should take in order to prevent most types of infestation from taking place. For mice and ants in particular, ensure that you seal up the cracks and holes that are in dark places. Moreover, you should be cautious when bringing in new luggage or clothes. This is because bed bugs usually hide in such items. Make sure that you always check for any signs of bed bugs in these items.

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