Have you noticed pests or rodents in your house? Well it might seem a common thing to some people but what most people don’t know is that pests can lead to the spread of diseases in the homestead. It is therefore important ensure that you get your house exterminated as soon as you see the first signs of infestations.

At Advance Pest Control, we focus on exterminating and prevention of future pest infestations in your home.  We work with a team of qualified experts that design tailor made solutions to serve every individual customer. This is because we believe that every home is unique and therefore a blanket treatment can`t work for every home.

With years of research and experience, Advance Pest Control understands the importance of deploying both preventive and curative measures to ensure that future infestations do not occur. Our teams of qualified experts work on unique solutions that identify exterminate and monitor your home for an all year round protection.

Our state of the art equipment allows us to eradicate the pests from your home in an easy and convenient way that is safe for you and your loved ones. We also strive to protect the environment by using non-toxic methods to rid your home of the pests. We believe that your home provides shelter to you and your loved ones and therefore safety remains our main priority. Our solutions have been tried and tested and have been approved as safe to use even in households with pets.

We are well equipped with state of the art equipment that includes Ultra Violet lights, telescoping cameras and moisture meters. Our trained professionals deploy the equipment to ensure that we monitor and detect possible breeding areas in your home. This enables us to identify the root cause of the problem and deal with it effectively.

Our proven track record confirms that our solutions have worked time and again and our large database of customers increases on a daily basis. We strive to give the best customer satisfaction by ensuring that once we exterminate a premise we never experience a re-infestation of pests.

We understand that pests are seasonal and therefore our dedicated team of professionals conducts regular check-ups to ensure that there is minimal risk of re-infestation.  We achieve this buy ensuring that we install monitoring equipment to ascertain that we can identify potential infestations and prevent them in good time.  This has enabled us keep homes free of future infestations.  As Advance Pest Control, we work towards providing a controlled environment to ensure that we minimize the risk of re-infestation and also eliminate the breeding environment of the pests.  We guarantee that once we exterminate the pests from your home, you will not see them crawling on your floors again.

We pride ourselves in customer safety and satisfaction therefore we prioritize on what is important and how to achieve it with minimal risks and disturbances.  Our outstanding record on performance only confirms that our solutions work.  Our tailor made solutions have been proven to eliminate pests and rodents and relieve thousands of families from the discomfort of having to live with them. We continue to ensure that these homes remain free of rodents and pests to ensure our clients live comfortably without the risk of acquiring diseases.  This has helped us build and maintain a good working relationship with our clients.  If you have noticed any signs of infestation in your home, don’t wait for the situation to become worse. Remember, you have to take action to live in a pest free environment.

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