All you need to know about Norway Rats

Rattus Norvegicus or Norway rats are of Asian origin but found all over the world. These poor little critters have very poor vision and are color blind. They are not especially agile and look quite small to cause any significant damage. Do they remind you of Remy from Ratatouille? Why is it important to have a plan for rat control in the Richmond area?
Let me remind you of the other rats found in the movie. Have you noticed the way they attack the garbage or edible food without any discernment and eat what they get hands (or feet) on? Have you seen them navigating the waters of the sewers and eating without washing up first? That, my friends, is how rats normally work! Identifying Rats The Norway Rats are about 7-9.5 inches long and are brown with a light smattering of brown hairs. They have a grey to white underside which can sometimes even be yellow. They have small eyes and ears and a short tail which is smaller than the length of their head and body combined. Though lacking in sight, the other senses of hearing, smell, touch and taste are especially advanced for something so tiny. They are not fast but are capable of running, jumping, climbing and swimming. As professional exterminators for rat control in Richmond, the experts from Advance Pest Control gear up for any task in their search for rats. Is my home infested? How can you determine if your house has a colony of rats? As the first step for rat control in Richmond put on your Sherlock hat and trench coat and arm yourself with a magnifying glass to verify the evidence for yourself.
  1. Droppings – Are there any suspicious pellets near food storage areas? Or along the baseboards or under the sink? Rats! The first step is to wear protective gloves and remove the droppings as rat faeces contain many harmful bacteria and transmit diseases such as salmonella and Hantavirus.
  2. Gnawing away- Rats like to chew and gnaw at anything and everything. Put those magnifying glasses to use and check your house thoroughly for gnaw marks – especially on electrical wires as it may cause a fire-safety hazard. This is why it is especially important to identify rats and call up the professionals for rat control in the Richmond
  3. Tracking the tracks – Rats follow a trail between their nest and food. Keep an eye out for grease marks caused by rat’s oily fur.
  4. Ghostly Noises – What is the noise which you keep hearing at night from your attic? Is it a ghost, a poltergeist having fun or a family of rats? Chances are it will be rats as ghosts don’t leave the shreds of evidence mentioned in the previous points. Attics are usually overlooked while pest-proofing the house and rats might have taken advantage of the fact.
  5. Suspicious scattering of materials – Rats build their nests in dark, secluded areas with materials such as shredded paper, cotton, packing materials, wall insulation or fabrics. This is the point where you hang up your hat and call the professionals for rat control in Richmond.
  6. Sighting a Rat – You or any member of your family might sight a rat scurrying about. There might be a family of rats waiting for it to return from its expedition. Elementary, my dear Watson! All your evidence has pointed towards this conclusion and now is the time to call the professionals like Advance Pest Control for rat control in Richmond.
Never take the situation lightly as these rats can gnaw through anything causing structural or electrical damage to your home. They carry harmful bacteria, transmit serious diseases and bring fleas to your otherwise pristine home. For more information on rat control in Richmond, click on the link – http://advancepest.ca/category/blog/

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