Mouse control in Surrey

If mice invade your house, what do you do? Sit back and do nothing? The answer is no. We do mouse control in Surrey and several other major cities around the globe. Act on time to get rid of mice before it multiplies into millions. 

Statistics show mice are prolific reproducers. A female mouse can mate with several male ones in a single day and produce up to nine little pups in a month. Pups become sexually mature within a span of eight weeks after birth. You can imagine how rapid the population of mice will increase if we do not bring in our expertise for mouse control in Surrey and its environs.   

Mouse problems

Rodents are attracted to any place with the three basic human needs. That is it cannot survive where there is no food, water, and shelter. Without proper control measures in place, these rodents can cause serious economic and health havoc wherever they invade. Mice can gnaw into expensive sofa set, mattresses, furniture, roof, walls, ceiling, and virtually any item in the house. Failure to take concrete action against rodents will lead to huge repair and maintenance costs in homes, offices, business premises, industries and the entire city where people live. We serve all people equally in mouse control in Surrey

Mice scampering about in the presence of important guests are not only an embarrassment but also a nuisance. Apart from destroying property and food, flea-infested mice expose humans to lethal bubonic plague, which kills within seconds. Mouse travel in sewers, bathrooms, dustbin and other dirt infested areas. Hence, it has the potential to carry pathogens and microbes. Mouse droppings are equally lethal and require handling with the care it deserves. Amongst our ranks, we have the requisite expertise and necessary tools to deal with all manner of pests including mouse control in Surrey


Mouse control strategies       


We have a highly trained and professional pest control team with more than 20 years of experience in fighting mouse in homes, offices, business, and industries. We leverage technology to help us to effectively track, flash, trap and destroy these annoying rodents at affordable costs. Our staffs are at work 24/7 to deliver effective services to our clients at minimal costs. We offer a very comprehensive mouse control in Surrey that provides for both mice trapping and proofing. 

Our package includes sanitation programs to ensure that the rodents do not come back again in future. This is where we beat our competitors in mouse control in Surrey and other major cities across the world. The majority will only kill the rodents and leave or create loopholes for the rodents to return. They do these to lock the client to call them back repeatedly. 

Our professional staffs will do a thorough inspection and audit of your entire building to find loopholes and seal them or put strategic baits on areas identified as potential pathways. We will ensure a mice free environment by conducting both indoor and outdoor mice elimination with ruthless force. Our distinguished and ruthless service in mouse control in Surrey make us the leading company of choice for many. As professionals in the field, we are aware of the damage these rodents can do. That is why we are at war, using sophisticated rattraps, poisonous baits, and sticky glues. We conduct regular follow-ups with our clients to confirm success in our efforts to eradicate this menace. 


Hygienic tips for mouse elimination


As professionals, we will do our part when you call us. However, our work is not complete if we will not offer advice on how you can maintain your environment to keep away the rodents. There are several things which you need to do as a client or homeowner. For instance, you should keep the grass around the house and compound short. Keeping a dry compound without unnecessary water points or wet places, which attract thirsty rodents to the house? Finally, properly managing and disposing of food leftovers, which mouse, feed on. Wanton disposal of food and other edible items attract these rodents into the house. If you plant, an avocado tree or any other fruit-baring tree closer to the house then the mouse will be among your pets. We will offer more advice on how you can keep away rats if you invite us for a quote. 



Give us the chance to serve you. Contact us at www.advancepest.ca immediately for your pest control needs and mouse control in Surrey. We offer affordable and effective services to both local and international clientele. You can count on us to deliver the quality of service you require not only within your premises but also within the entire external environment.


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