Mouse Control – Coping With Unwelcome Rodents:

Experts in the field of pest control are of the opinion that mice and rat management is all about taking preventive actions. They are of the opinion that following exclusion tactics like sealing entry points will keep these pests from entering into house and offices, such that full-scale invasion can be avoided. In addition, it is also recommended to bring down the risk of accidental animal or human exposure to the poison used for killing these pests. This can be done by using non-chemical solutions for managing rodent invasions.

Take the long-term view:

Mouse, in addition to causing nuisance to the inmates and their belongings, they can also cause damage to the property. You can get to know that they have invaded into your home, when you see their dropping near a food source or in a shredded fabric or paper. When rogue rodents are identified, permanent mouse control  methods should be followed.

Removing these invaders with poisons or traps will help only to a certain extent to keep them out of your property. So, the easiest and ideal method to follow is to prevent their access into the building by ceiling all entry points. Here are some place through which they can enter your house:

  • Holes near appliance pipes or sink
  • Holes around windows or missing screens in crawl spaces or vents under the house.
  • Cracks in the foundation in the basement or ventilation holes that are unscreened in the attic, particularly in older houses
  • Holes near doors leading to outside, closets, cabinets or other spaces, where crawling will be easier.

Prevention is better:

Pest removal professionals with expertise in mouse control techniques suggest that removal of food storage or open garbage containers will play a major role towards making your property less attractive to these pests. In addition, remember to keep compost piles away from your house as much as possible. These preventive measures can go a long way in saving time and money.

Once the access points are blocked, it is important to eliminate the remaining pests that are already present in your house. There are different treatment options available in this regard and the pest control services follow different approaches like those mentioned below to get rid of mouse:

  • Snap trap
  • Electronic trap
  • Live-animal trap
  • Multiple-catch live mouse trap
  • Glue trap

Apart from these traps, rodenticides are also used and when you contact a pest control service, you can collect details about the methods they use for controlling these pests.

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