Mole Problems in Greater Vancouver

Moles are among the most destructive small animals or pests that you will find around. They can give you a hard time if not controlled from the time you notice them. However, there are many ways in which you can control moles in your home or garden. The commonly used methods include gassing, baiting, repellents and trapping.

It is important to mention that the mole problem in Vancouver is something which needs to be solved lest people stand to incur huge losses in their gardens and homes in general.

But that said and done, there is no doubt that pest control professionals like Advance Pest Control will come in handy in helping you solve your mole problem in Vancouver.

How to identify a mole

The most common type of mole that is found in the Vancouver area is easily identified by its large, paddle-like front feet. They use these feet to dig extensive tunnel systems. This type of mole has a specialised bone and muscle structure which enables it to impact a lateral in digging force of up to 32 times what it weighs. This explains how it manages to create more than 30 metres of tunnels daily.
Since they are insectivores, moles are advantageous to some extent but their disadvantages definitely outweigh this advantage. They can control some insect pests from gardens by feeding on them. However, their primary source of food is earthworms and, therefore, driving away insects from a lawn won’t effectively drive out the moles.

How identify main mole tunnels

The mole problem in Vancouver can be best addressed by identifying the moles’ main tunnels first. The following are a few things that you can do to identify the main tunnels:

  • Follow one or more course that is straight
  • Follow a tunnel that is along the perimeter or fence of a yard or field
  • Moles create their nests mostly along areas that are protected such as hedgerows or fence rows
  • Connect at least two tunnels or two mounds

The dangers that moles pose

The mole problem in Vancouver is associated or tied to a lot of dangers that you cannot live with.

You will always discover their presence during a stroll to your garden or yard thanks to the mounds of earth they create due to their underground activities. You may also make observations of knolls of fresh earth and folds in grassed zones. Moles are synonymous with damaged lawns and gardens in the Vancouver region and beyond.  That is because they destroy plants while digging because they demolish roots while burrowing through the soil. Destroyed roots consequently affect plant development. The tunnels also act as pathways for other smaller animals such as ants and rodents.

The moles also cause destruction of sports fields, and other areas such as cricket pitches & golfing greens. Moles infestation can result in serious troubles, as they can dig up to 4 meter in one hour. However, Advance Pest Control has got you covered in terms of controlling these small animals.

And, did you know that moles love areas that have moist soils, perfect for breeding earthworms and grubs? Well, now you do. These are the common areas that you can expect to find moles.

How we help

At Advanced Pest Control, we know how hard and big the mole problem in Vancouver is. But you can reach our pest control experts in Vancouver and they will offer you nothing but the best solutions. Our experts are trained, qualified and licensed to operate. Also, the products that we use are absolutely eco-friendly and will not interfere with your environment.

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