Keeping Mice Away during the Winter


When the cold harsh winter comes the mice want a warm place to stay in. The mice will always finds a place where it is easy for them to get food and water, houses and buildings are the perfect shelter for them. When people leave there doors and garage doors open for too long the mice come in and if there are any holes around the house or building they can get in. When people see mouse dropping in their homes they think it’s not a big issue, but what they don’t know is it creates a lot of dieses and allergies. If you have a business and you have a mice problem it affects your workers health and it also has a big effect on your business when your clients see a mice or mice dropping at your business place.

Here are some ways to prevent your places from a mice problem.

  • Inspect your house or building from the outside for any hole even a hole as small as a dime is good enough for a mouse to fit through and get in. Close off all the holes or gaps around your place. Also your chimney should have a cap over it
  • All the unnecessary garbage or wood that is laying around your house invites rodents. Any food that is laying outside your house the rodents eats that first and then gets in to your home to look for more.
  • Don’t leave your doors or windows open for a long time because the rodent can come in at any time. Once they enter your house they find holes to get into the walls and then they can go everywhere and make a nest.
  • If you still keep finding mouse dropping and have no solution don’t worry just call Advance Pest Control at 604-786-4161 and we will be happy to help you, keep mice in their place during the holiday season and rest of the year.

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