Infallible solution to bed bug problems in Burnaby

For Burnaby residents, the bed bug infestation is an ever evolving issue. Years have passed by, yet finding a fool proof solution to this annoying problem has been a challenge. Advance Pest Control service is here to advise you on better treatment methods and provide guaranteed elimination of bed bugs from your homes and offices.
Everything seems topsy turvy when these unpleasant tiny monsters invade your furniture, books, beddings and sofas. They not only attack the physical structures but also cause eccentric mental and physical torture that cannot be explained in words. The bed bugs are a total mess and are notorious in causing allergic infections and feed on human blood during the night. Health Canada, suggests residents of BC to take certain steps to deter these bed bugs before they make our lives disastrous.
  • Bed bugs are keen to keep close contacts to food sources. They are seen crawling on kitchen and room furniture. If you sight their movement, call the Advance Pest Control service and we will inspect the infestation thoroughly before suggesting a treatment method.
  • One useful tip to prevent bed bug problem is to dry clothes to very high temperatures. Bed bugs have phobia for high temperatures. Steam is another smart option to decelerate the growth of bed bugs.
  • Favorite hideouts of bed bugs include gathered junk or clutter, old and unused furniture or bed covers etc. Regularly clearing out unwanted clutter will keep bed bug problems at bay. Advance Pest Control offers complete guide to preventing the bed bug issues in future.
  • Keep floors and mattresses clean and tidy. This will potentially minimize the population though it cannot guarantee complete eradication of the bed bugs. There are special mattresses available which are made of fabric that is resistant to bed bugs. You can opt for such beddings and have a peaceful sleep.
Although these measures prevent the bed bug problem to a great extent, the question is ‘Will they never come back?’ The answer to this is not certain but if you seek professional extermination, you can rest assured that the problem has gone forever. What we do at Advance Pest Control? If you are staying in Burnaby, as soon as you have discovered the problem, you can follow certain DIY measures to solve the issue. Thankfully, even after all your attempts to get rid of the bed bugs have gone in vain, you can reach us for the most dependable and ultimate solution to this problem. Our approach is systematic and sustainable.
  • Our certified technicians will have your home or workplace investigated thoroughly in order to manifest the degree of infestation.
  • Although you can take certain measures like spraying non-toxic solutions on the hideouts, but it does not guarantee 100% results. Our experts will use certain chemicals and methods that are safe for children and pets and provide obvious result within a short period of time.
  • Our 24/7 services are readily available and we promise to provide complete elimination of the bed bug problem by the use of top-notch eco-friendly equipments.
  • Bed bug menace can disturb both homes and offices alike. It can stall your business prosperity because of its annoying presence. You can reach out to Advance Pest Control to clean their hotspots and remove them from your workplace completely.
Put an end to all those sleepless nights and say good bye to the reddish rashes caused by these blood-sucking pesky creatures. Fix an appointment with us and we will assure fastest and prompt bed bug problem Burnaby services.

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