A handy guide to Professional Pest Control for your Restaurant

Dealing with pests while running a restaurant business is a herculean task. In commercial kitchens, pest infestations are extremely unmanageable and pose a great threat to the reputation of your business. In many countries, it is mandatory to call professional pest control for restaurants and commercial food services. For the benefit of customers and retention of the license, it is advised to use services of an expert in pest management issues.
Conceivable risks of pest infestations for restaurants
  • Closure of business for violating regulations of food safety authorities
  • Loss of customer trust and reputation
  • Reduction in profit because of lowered customer count
  • Loss of funds while paying fines for customer grievances and penalties by food regulatory authorities
Know your pests Before you call for professional pest control for your restaurant, it is importunate to have a bird’s eye view of what kind of pests are found in commercial kitchens.
  • Roaches
Roaches are big and small in size and find their way into restaurant spaces through drains. Common sign of infestations includes cockroach eggs, bad smell in closed and moist areas, dead cockroaches in restaurants. For spotting cockroach infestations, a professional pest control service provider would check for cracks and gaps under doors, tables and chairs, sinks and cardboard boxes.
  • Flies
Flies are attracted towards food particles, sweet sugary foods, garbage containers and remains of fruits and veggies. A complete inspection of the area is required to find the source of flies infestations.
  • Rodents
Rodents are nocturnal creatures who sneak into restaurants through open doors and windows, drains and pipe holes. It is a big challenge for restaurant owners to control the rodent population and therefore require the intervention of professional pest control for your restaurants. Some common signs of rodent infestations include gnaw sounds, droppings, littered and torn packages of food and very pungent and annoying smell of rodent dead bodies. How can professional pest control for your restaurants help? The expert in the field of pest management can deal with any kind of pest manifestations without causing any severe damage to your properties and structures. They formulate a very quick plan for your business so that your reputation and brand name is not majorly affected. They seal all possible areas through which pests find their way into your restaurants, thereby, preventing any kind of future infestations. The hired professional provides expert advice on how to deal with pests and how to implement the most effective preventive measures to safeguard your restaurant from pests. Apart from these, they are equipped with changes in the norms and regulations of food safety organizations so that it does not hinder the growth of your business. Some common blunders of restaurant owners in past management
  • Restaurant staffs wipe tables and chairs but it still attracts flies, why? The cloth that is used to clean the furniture was dirty and carried food particles. It is advised to use sanitizers to clean the restaurant tables and chairs.
  • Failing to clean garbage bins after removing the bags. Sometimes, there might be holes in garbage bags which may settle in the bins and attract pests. Therefore, regularly cleaning the bins is as essential as replacing the bags.
  • Not cleaning the kitchen area properly. Kitchen is the most important area of pest infestations. Some restaurant owners do not focus on the complete cleaning of kitchen areas as it is not exposed to customers’ eyes. But, failing to do so can invite all kinds of pest troubles for you.
  • Not calling a professional at the sight of rodents. This is because they are with a perception that there are only a few rodents in the area. However, being nocturnal in nature, most rodents are active only in the night and are hiding all day under drains. If you have sighted even one rat, be sure that there are many other hiding in your restaurant. It becomes very crucial to call professional pest control for your restaurants in such cases.
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