Germs & Viruses - Management Strategy

Personal hygiene is the most effective and efficient approach to deal with the germs along with the contagious and lethal viruses like (COVID-19) which has been declared a pandemic by World Health Organization and claimed >10,000 lives worldwide so far.
Whereas, the structural pests have always been spreading germs and viruses in dwellings, there is a chance in coming days many Canadians including British Columbians will find themselves encountering it in one way or the other. With pests in house there are enormous possibilities of exposure to germs/viruses. However, there is always a hope for betterment and someone is there to help. Thought of living in a safe and germ/virus free environment is most comforting at this global scary time. Advance Pest Control, reflecting its longstanding dedication to solving the community problems, is there to disinfect and make your homes, offices, work places virus & germ free, employing virucide and germicide recommended for use in Hospitals and Health Care Facilities.   DON’T DELAY CALL TODAY Advance Pest Control at 1-877-457-3297 (Toll Free) or 604-786-4161 E-mail: services@advancepest.ca

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