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Mouse problem is a nuisance that every homeowner wouldn’t want to put up with. If you have a mouse problem you certainly want to get rid of it very fast because when they find a hospitable environment in your home, they’ll soon grow in number and it will be much harder to get rid of them.
The earlier you start to act, the better it is and much easier it will be to achieve your goal. Here are some 5 best methods known to get rid of the mouse problem in homes.

Use mousetraps

This is the most commonly sought method when people find out that they have mice in their homes. It’s actually a method that’s been tried and known to deliver good results. The more mousetraps you set the more effective it will be. At least six traps are good is to start with if the problem isn’t serious but you should buy as much as you think you could need. And there are different mousetraps that you can use. The traps should be placed in the mice hideouts for best success and checking them at least twice a day is recommended. As soon as mice are trapped, you should get rid of them early enough before they start decomposing and raising health concerns.  If using a live trap just to be humane, then ensue that you empty the traps often. If you can’t do it, then the kill traps seems much better.

Use poison

This method is quite controversial as others feel that it’s a cruel method. However, if you are annoyed by the mouse problem and all you want are results you have the power to decide which method is cruel. If considering this method as cruel, bear in mind that mice can be the root to diseases to humans so you may want to think again who’s more important here. Should you decide to use poison, take these precaution to do it:
  • Place the mouse baits in bait stations that are sealed.
  • The bait station shouldn’t be in the open. The station should be under refrigerators, cabinets or other places where they like to hide.
  • Always put on protective gear when handling the bait. Put on face mask and wear gloves. Dispose of the gear afterwards and wash hands with plenty of water and soap.
  • Store remaining bait in safe locations from the reach of kids and pets.

Use natural methods

You may decide to use deterrents such as strong smells that can drive mice away.  Moth balls and peppermints usually deliver good results. You may also consider keeping a cat or a dog that hunts rodents, such as a terrier.

Use professional mouse exterminators

If you don’t have the heart to do all the above, simply hire mouse exterminators to take care of the ‘dirty’ on your behalf. Equally, if you have been trying to get rid of the pests for weeks now and it seems you are heading nowhere, hiring an exterminator is the best ultimate solution.
  • A professional knows the hideouts for mice in houses and will save you the hassle of locating them.
  • They also know the best tricks and methods to catch the smartest mice as well.
  • Exterminator will also seal the weak spots in your house that harbor the rodents.
  • A professional mouse exterminator will also make a follow up to verify that extermination was successful.

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