Coping with the Bed Bug problem in Vancouver

Waking up to reddish scratchy bites on the body could be the most unpleasant ordeal for people living in Vancouver, BC. This city tops the list of worst cities facing the bed bug problems. To combat the issue, you need a dependable and fool proof solution that will completely erase traces of bed bugs from either your homes or offices.

A little about this parasitic insect – Bed Bug

With the size of an apple seed, this six-legged miniature insect crawls its way on almost anything from furniture and mattresses to books and baggage. Bed bugs’ lifecycle lasts up to twelve months and they lay more than 10 eggs a day. With such fast reproducing capacity, it’s extremely laborious to get rid of this bed bug problem in Vancouver.  You need a solid strategy to erase their traces from the hotspots and hideouts because they are extremely hard to kill.

There have been reports of bed bug menace almost everywhere in Vancouver including homes, offices, hotel rooms, airports, and the like. They could awfully surprise you anywhere may it be furniture frames or cloth mattresses or old gathered clutter; and give you a nightmarish experience. Coping with the severe bed bug problem in Vancouver is challenging as well as time consuming. It demands professional extermination and its implementation in whole of Vancouver is the need of the hour.

Prevention tips

  • The first step towards controlling the bed bug problem in Vancouver is to determinate the density of bed bug population and the areas they mostly dwell. These scandalous monsters creep out from places that are hard for human reach.
  • Once you identify the hotspots, you can try home remedial measures like using some harmless sprays and oils at your own risk. It is mostly recommended to outsource professional cleaners to do this job for you. This will potentially eradicate the traces of bed bugs to make sure you do not face the problem once again in future.
  • Following proper hygienic conditions at homes and workplaces is an extremely important measure towards bed bug control. Hot steam is believed to removes the traces of bed bugs in clothes and mattresses. The steam washes away the laid eggs of bed bugs thus inhibiting their growth of population.
  • Advance Pest Control Services offer extra ordinary services which include inspection of bed bugs and provide complete advice on the nature of infestation. Further, they take the responsibility of cleaning the affected places and deterring the bed bug problems completely.
  • Despite numerous futile attempts to clear the bed bug problem in Vancouver by homeowners, the lasting solution lies through professional extermination.
  • You can also try some non-chemical solutions and sprays to kill the bed bug traces. It is also believed the few essential oils have a great impact in deterring the bed bugs. You can research and find the best available products for the bed bug control in Vancouver.

Although the preventive measures help to solve the bed bug problem to a great extent, the need for expert pest control services cannot be dismissed. It requires a deeper level of understanding and performing a dedicated strategy to curb the annoying issue forever. Speak to our professionals at Advance Pest Control and we will render the most authentic solution to this never-ending problem. With our support and your understanding all things can be made easy and you can sleep assured without any stress and agony.

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