Common Signs of a Rat Infestation

Winter is known to come with high heating bills, frequent power outages and several related problems. As is that is not enough to deal with; a rodent infestation is in the waiting to add to your winter woes. In fact, statistics indicate that rodents’ infestations increase significantly during the fall and winter seasons. These are the times when rats and mice move into our homes in search of food and shelter. With this in mind, you should lookout for signs of rat infestation and have a pest control Vancouver service provider on your speed dial.
What to look for
  1. Droppings
If you notice rat dropping in your home, this is the easiest way to identify a rat infestation. These pallets of droppings are usually left in areas where you store your food such as your kitchen cabinets. You are also likely to find these droppings under the sinks, in chewed cardboard boxes, and on top of wall beams. It is a known fact that this dropping host several harmful bacteria that transmit diseases including salmonella and Hantavirus while at the same time triggering numerous allergies. These rodents can produce well over 50 droppings daily. As such, urgent removal using appropriate protective gear is important for the safety of your loved ones.
  1. Gnawing Marks
Rodents are dreaded for the immense damage they cause to the property by chewing through almost any material that stands between them and the source of food. House mice and Norway rats can gnaw on electric wires thus increasing the risks of fire breakouts. As such, you should keep a keen eye for any gnawing marks in your house since this is a clear indication of an infestation.
  1. Nests
Rats build their nests in dark and secluded areas where they are less likely to be disturbed. House mice usually build their nests using paper shreds, cotton, fabrics, wall insulation, and packing materials. If you notice any of these materials in your home, you should consider giving your pest control Vancouver expert a call.
  1. Tracks and rub marks
Rats usually leave behind dark grease and dirt marks along the walls and floorboards while trailing through your home in search of food. Keep a keen eye for such marks caused by their oily fur.
  1. Strange noises
If there are strange noises in your walls at night, chances are you are dealing with a rat infestation. These noises could be from the rats scurrying about your house, trying to find their way between the walls and up in the attics. Rats are fond of the attic due to the dark and secluded spots where they can build their nests. Unfortunately, the attic is one of the rooms in our homes that are often overlooked when pest proofing. It is important to keep the attic well ventilated and dry. Always keep your items in sealed plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes.
  1. Seeing the rodents
Rats tend to breed quite rapidly. If you see one, it is highly likely that others are hiding somewhere in your house. Females can give birth to 6 babies after every 3 weeks and up to 35 babies in a year. That’s a lot of rats in your home!

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