Best ways to prevent Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants tend to invade during spring and summer at Abbotsford. It is important to do the groundwork to prevent them during fall to ensure an ant-free season ahead. What are the common steps which you can take for effective ants control in Abbotsford?

  1. Proper Home Maintenance – This will go a long way in preventing ants. Make your home free of excessive moisture, leaks, or plumbing problems, and you are in the right path to control ants from coming into your home. Take special care in the kitchen and the garden as there are continuous food and water supply in these areas.
  2. Insulate well – Seal all cracks and leave no stone unturned to check for gaps or cracks in your house’s foundation. Check the utility pipes, wires, doors, and windows as well.
  3. More sun, less shade – The more sunlight is available; the less are the chance of ant infestation. Sunlight removes moisture, keeps the land dry, and helps in ants control at Abbotsford.
  4. Minimum Mulch – Keep the mulch at least 2 feet away from home. The levels of the mulch on the lawn must not be more than what is necessary.
  5. Keep your lawns clean– Any foliage near your house must be well-maintained. Prevent ants from trekking to your house by trimming off branches near the walls or windows. Remove dead wood from the grounds and mow your grass regularly.

Eliminate food sources in your lawn, such as pet food or bird feeders. Ensure that it is a long way away from your home. Clean up well after barbeques and picnics. Regular weeding is a must for ants control in Abbotsford.

  1. Trash Collection – Store garbage in tightly sealed garbage cans. Try sealing the cans with a cord and clean up the cans immediately if there is any litter inside it.
  2. Inspect Firewood – Keep your firewood stacked well away from your house. Inspect it for ants before you bring it inside your house.
  3. Eco-Friendly Insecticides – You can use environment-friendly insecticides which can last long in any weather around your house. This perimeter will stop any ants from venturing inside your house.

Now that we have seen the ways to prevent an ant infestation, we will now see a few simple ways to control ants at Abbotsford.

  1. Herbal solutions like Cedar Oil, vinegar, lemon, cinnamon or Orange Peels repel ants and are eco-friendly too.
  2. Boric Acid works like magic, and the ants will vanish in a few days.
  3. Exterminate ants with a spray made of a solution of liquid soap and water.
  4. Chalk repels ants, and you can draw a line where you do not want the ants to enter.
  5. Diatomaceous Earth dehydrates carpenter ants and kills them. It also helps ants control in Abbotsford.

Though these solutions are quite effective, they are not permanent ones. You might have to keep repeating these solutions regularly. You can never be sure that any more ants are lurking in the basement or any other crevice which you might have overlooked. One breeding season can create a swarm of 300 ants which can multiply to 10000 ants in three years. In these scenarios, it is always better to get the aid of professional service to get a thorough cleansing for ants control in Abbotsford.

Mega Pest Control offers one of the best services for ants control in Abbotsford. After a thorough inspection, a spray of eco-friendly chemical on the ants removes the colonies and prevents further infestation. Our exterminators always carry an official identification card, and you do not have to worry about letting a stranger inside your house.

After inspection, our experts present a tailor-made plan for your problem and help you eradicate ants from your property completely.

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