The Best Solution to the Ants Problem in Coquitlam

As part of nature, human beings must appreciate the importance of other players in the ecosystem. This implies accepting that pests will occasionally disturb our peace. However, you need not suffer from the infestation of insects such as ants because there are proven and effective methods of controlling them. Coquitlam residents need not lose sleep because they can trust Advance Pest, the proven pest eradication experts.

By nature, ants are not aggressive. Through instinct, they make nests in the most suitable places. Ants are likely to choose warm and soft surfaces to nest. That is why you will find them living underground, within rotting or live trees and among dead leaves. Moreover, they live near food sources. Fortunately for ants (but to your disadvantage), your house may provide a suitable environment to build a home.

Now you understand why ants are found in walls and cracks of buildings. Countertops, moldings and baseboards provide perfect conditions for occupation by ant colonies. It takes ants a short duration to establish themselves in their new habitat. Their sheer numbers and diligence mean they can forage for building materials and food and create a nest in your home before you know it. It is from this context that you should understand the ants problem in Coquitlam.

The moment people realize they have invaders in the form of ants, panic may set it. Some resort to using harmful chemicals to kill the insects. The disadvantage with this approach is that the same chemicals you use may harm you and your loved ones either immediately or in future. This method also harms the environment and denies the ecosystem the vital role played by the same insects you are killing.

Other people react to ants by killing the pests one by one. There are those who pour hot water on the nests of these insects. The drawback here is that ants are too many in one nest to be exterminated by hot water. As soon as you think they are gone, they will reappear. At Advance Pest, we provide long-lasting solutions to ensure you can have restful nights and stress-free days.

Instead of struggling with this menace, and applying methods that are ineffective and harmful to the environment, why not trust our experienced experts? We have the best technology for dealing with ants following years of research and experience. We have satisfied clients all over Coquitlam thanks to our superior services. Most of our customers are referred to us by satisfied customers who no longer have to deal with ants’ infestation.

Our excellent services begin the moment you call our dedicated customer care staff. Here you will be listened to and addressed with courtesy and respect. You will be directed to the experts who will deal with your problem. Whenever we receive reports of ants problem in Coquitlam, we dispatch our experts to the affected premise as soon as possible.

We arrive at your premise in anonymous vehicles. We don’t want your neighbors to know we are there. If there is an immediate danger, we deal with it first. The next step is an in-depth analysis of the problem. Years of dealing with ants have taught us to find and seal all entry points. We also scrutinize your premise to identify any food items of other phenomenon that may have attracted the insects into your premise.

While we understand we may not serve you in the future for the same problem, we still advise you on how to keep ants at bay. At Advance Pest, we prefer to return to your premise to solve a different problem. Our experts only leave your premise when they are sure you are not in any form of inconvenience from ants.

With this kind of service available, why would you want to coexist with troublesome ants? We are a phone call away. Call us now and live an ant-free life.

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