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Pest Control Coquitlam has always prioritized the comfort of our customers to make sure that their houses and buildings are kept free from any pests that might be acting as nuisances. Our professional technicians ensure to exterminate and remove any bugs or creepy crawlers such as ants, rats/mice, bees, spiders, and raccoons using the certified environment-friendly products provided to them by our company.


Bumblebees usually appear in the spring season stay throughout the summer. They aren’t harmful to humans unless provoked, only then will they sting you. Bumblebees can sting you multiple times and can cause serious reactions to people who already have allergies.

To avoid having them build their nests around your house or building, take the measures such as using screens in front of your windows and doors to prevent bumbles from entering the premises. Since they mostly build nests in the ground, fill up all visible burrows created by rodents in your garden and underground bird nests.

And to ensure safer handling of the infestation issue, contact Pest Control Coquitlam right away to have the bees in or around your residential or commercial building through professional help and sources!


Unlike bumblebees, these buzzing creatures build nests at heights like those in a tree, roofs, and other high locations. Wasps are aggressive bugs and will sting you if they even see you near their nests, to defend them. And their stings can be much more painful than those of bumblebees too. Even to people who are not allergic, their venom can be quite harmful and problematic.

To avoid attracting them to your location, keeps all foods covered at all times, don’t leave anything open for no reason. Ensure that all garbage cans are tightly closed and in clean locations. When the season starts, inspect places that can hold wasp nests to get rid of them before they largely develop. And if you do find a nest, get in touch with Exterminator Services Coquitlam that very moment to make sure that neither you nor your family members are harmed by the wasps, and that they are gotten rid of using professional supplies and trained technicians.


Bald-faced hornets are yet another nuisance that several residents of Coquitlam face every year. This is why our team at Coquitlam Pest Control is always working to improve our eco-friendly services and maintain their quality to completely satisfy our customers.

These black-and-white colored creatures and also create their nests at high locations like trees and the roofs of buildings. Their nests, when fully developed, are about the size of and are shaped like a football.

You can try and prevent them by keeping garbage cans tightly secured, repairing damaged windows or screens, and by sealing off all cracks and crevices in the foundation of your building.

They don’t carry diseases or cause damage to your property and structures of your home or building, but they certainly do cause painful stings that are followed by redness and swelling of the skin which stays for some time. People with allergies may have even severe reactions.

These hornets are even more aggressive than wasps when it comes to protecting and guarding their nests. Contacting professional services like ours is the only way to safely remove their nests without having anyone else be harmed by their stings.


Raccoons are furry creatures with black mask-like markings around their eyes that have started infesting human homes ever since their natural environments started getting destroyed.

Their excretory materials. just like those of rats/mice, can spread bacterial diseases and infections like Rabies, Salmonella, and Roundworm.

You will find their nests on the roof, inside vents, in chimneys and attics, and other empty spaces such as those in hollow walls. Exterminator Services Coquitlam should be contacted the moment you spot a raccoon in or around your house. Do not try to challenge it or capture it on your own as you may end up hurting yourself. Raccoons can get quite aggressive and harmful if provoked, which is why you should ask for professional help that will capture the animal without harming it.

We also ensure that while ridding your house of the raccoons and their kids, all waste materials and traces of them are removed as well. Our specialized exterminating services work to seal off the entry points too, along with using disinfectants and helping you replace damaged wires that they might have chewed on to prevent fire hazards in the future.

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