Best Mole Remover in Town

Best Mole Remover in Town

There are a lot of different infestations you can end up facing and each of them has their unique impact. Some are not as severe and can easily be dealt with by property owners. However, there are some problems that can carry a much more powerful impact on our daily lives. One of the infestations topping the list of such problems is moles. Moles are creatures that can cause underground damage to different places like properties and fields. They can rip through practically anything that comes in their reach. If you have ever seen an active mole infestation, you know exactly the kind of havoc they are capable of wreaking. The best way out of that situation is to deal with them through professional and thorough mole removers like Advance Pest Control.

Moles removal is a technical job and any inexperienced person can easily end up making things significantly worse for themselves. Anyone who has ever dealt with them firsthand would immediately tell you to call for professional help. The process may be a bit disruptive to your property if the infestation is serious, but it is important to look at the long-term picture. You may be a bit confused about how you should deal with it so this should provide you with clarity as well.

Understanding moles

One of the biggest problems when it comes to dealing with moles is being unable to identify them correctly. A common misunderstanding with moles is that people mistake them for rodents. They may have certain similar characteristic in terms of physical appearance, but moles are a completely different animal. They fall in a category of mammals called Eulipotyphla which also includes shrews and even hedgehogs. Their primary habitat is subterranean tunnels which they dig wherever they exist. Moles are present pretty much all across Canada and people owning yards, farms, and even gardens are aware of the problems they create. They dig tunnels underneath all kinds of properties and that can lead to both structural damages and other infestations as well.

Know your mole

Finding a mole and identifying it is quite easy, and so is confusing it with a rodent. As far as their body size is concerned, they typically range between 5-8 inches in length. Their whole body has brown or grey fur on it and their claws are their most distinguishing feature. Moles have large claws on their front feet and that is their primary tool for digging tunnels. Their necks are also quite broad, and their shoulders are naturally strong as well. Some people are known to capture moles and use their digging abilities for different purposes as well. They can also easily survive in any environment and this is also why they are a threat all year long. Their natural habitat consists of grasslands, farmlands, woodlands, cities, suburbs, and even proper urban developments

 A key sign of their presence is the hole that they dig which you will see along with the dirt mound formed around it from all the digging. They can easily dig long and often quite complex tunnels underground using their phenomenal digging power and large claws.

Dealing with moles

The problems that moles come with consists of the following two things, depending on the location. They can damage the ground under a property, or destroy fertile soil, or both. People who are not experienced with handling moles can easily get bitten by them and face bad consequences.

Our advice is to go for professional mole removers who can provide the best service. The strategy is to avoid doing something DIY that solves the problem temporarily but ends up becoming a disaster later. It is best to opt for an experienced professional like Advance Pest Control. Having years of experience and seeing multiple landscapes is important before you can understand how to take care of any mole infestation. Advance Pest Control performs a thorough survey of the location and then creates an execution plan that can make sure the moles do not come back for a long time. You may be spending a few extra bucks on professional services but that is more than worthwhile when you think about the level of damage that moles can do if not dealt with professionally.

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