Bed Bugs Treatment in Vancouver

Bed bugs can be a menace if you own and use old sofas and beds. They can cause you considerable disturbance if you’re unaware of their presence or don’t take it seriously. Since they are mostly known to inhabit beds, you should be careful in advance. You must properly inspect the whole house to identify exactly where they are hiding.
Diseases Caused by Bed Bugs Although bed bugs do not impose any serious threat to us and do not even carry viruses and diseases like mosquitos, there are still some risks associated with their bites. When you are bitten by them, their saliva is left under your skin which can make your skin itchy, irritated and uncomfortable. However, it is often hard to identify whether or not you have been bitten by bed bugs because their bite marks resemble those of mosquitos or fleas. As a result, their presence in your house often get unnoticed. Sometimes, their nuisance may also result in psychological disturbance because they cause chaos in your daily living. If you are not aware of their infestation in your house, you will have skin with lots of blemishes or sometimes you will be covered with wounds because of itching caused by bed bug bites. Some people are allergic to bed bug bites and when they are bitten, they may suffer from serious skin problems. Signs and Symptoms An adult bed bug can live for 1 year without feeding on blood and they are so tiny that they can hide in the smallest of holes inside furniture. They are also too small to get noticed by our bare eyes. You may wonder how to ensure whether you have been bitten by bed bugs or by other similar bloodsucking insects, like mosquitos or fleas. There are some common signs that may arise after being bitten by bed bugs, such as:
  1. Fever
  2. A slight reddish tinge circling the bug-bite
  3. Eruptions
  4. Giddiness and swooning
  5. Swelling in the tongue
  6. Trouble swallowing
  7. Pain in the chest
  8. Gasping and panting for breath
How Bed Bugs Vancouver Can Be Destroyed? The most used and familiar techniques in eradicating the uninvited bed bugs are as following:
  • A very effective and productive procedure for getting rid of these bugs is heat treatment. This procedure and technique is mainly organized and carried out by the professional pest control services.
  • Vacuuming also assists in capturing and seizing bed bugs. All the hidden and unseen places, such as under the beds, cabinets, couches, etc. should be properly searched and vacuumed, so that all the pests and bugs can come out with the extreme pressure put forth, if any.
  • Another method that can be tried is the steaming method. The hot effect is known to kill these annoying bugs that rob us of our peace and tranquillity.

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