Bed bugs are reddish brown 4-5mm long flattened parasites that mainly feed on humans and animals. Beg bugs can crawl on floor, walls and ceilings. They can move around on clothes, furniture, purses and luggage. Females lay up to 5 eggs a day and 200-500 a lifetime.

Eggs are approximately 1mm and tend to be found in cracks and crevices in dark areas. Bed bugs are resilient, nymphs can survive months without feeding and adults can survive more than a year. Bed Bugs don’t have nests, they prefer to hide close to where they feed and go back to the hiding spot. Most of the infestations start around the beds and spread throughout the room and beyond. Bed bugs will usually crawl more than 100 feet to obtain a blood meal; they often bite people at night while they are sleeping. Bites of bed bugs may occur on any exposed skin, some people may have itchy welt or localized swelling, while others have little or no reaction, and these symptoms vary with the individual. Other signs of infestations are blood stains on furniture, sheets, pillows and mattresses.

Dealing with bed bugs could be very difficult, property owner, tenant and certified pest control technician’s (exterminator) combined effort may solve the problem. With second hand items, don’t bring bed bugs to your home (clothing, furniture, electronics, used books and newspapers etc.). Wash second hand clothing with warm water and put in clean bags. 60 ̊C heat will kill eggs, nymphs and adults. Inspect items thoroughly for sign of bed bugs if you go into an infected place put your belongings in a sealed plastic pest proof container. Avoid sitting on infected furniture and beds. When you get home wash your clothes in hot water to kill the hitch-hiking bed bugs. Sometimes bed bugs can be brought in by visitors. Vacuum is the main key to eliminate bed bugs.

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