Bed Bug Control Vancouver – Some Details To Be Aware Of:


If you are in Vancouver and wish to lead comfortable and deep sleeps at the night, it becomes important that you should be aware of certain details about bed bugs. The reason is these small insects can disturb your night sleep and only when you are aware of their existence, you can seek appropriate remedy for bed bug control in Vancouver from experts.

Here are certain fundamental facts to know:

These creatures are brownish in color and they are of oval shape and small in size. They live on the blood of humans or animals and those insects that are adults will have body that is flat and they will be in the size of apple seed. But after feeding their bodies inflates become reddish in color. Even though, they cannot fly they can quickly move over ceilings, walls and floors in your house.

Female insects can lay hundreds of eggs. Immature bed bugs are called as nymphs and these insects discard their skins for five times before they mature. Also before each shedding of skin, they need a meal of blood. When there is favorable condition they can quickly develop within a month and can produce about three or more generations per year. The relieving news to you is that even though they cause nuisance they do not spread diseases.

Where do they hide?

These tiny insects can enter your home without your knowledge via luggage and clothing. As their bodies are flat they can easily hide in little spaces. Even though, they do not have any nests they live in groups in hiding places. Their typical hiding places are the headboards, bed frames, box springs and mattresses. Due to their living in these area, they can easily get access to bite humans to feed on their blood. They can slowly spread to other areas of the bedroom and even to other rooms as well.

When do they bite?

They are mostly active at nights and they generally bite people when they are fast asleep. They take the blood from the humans by piercing the skin and by withdrawing blood via an elongated beak. After biting, they feed for three to 10 minutes and will crawl away. The bites are generally painless initially but later they can turn out to be itchy welts. People think that that bites are caused by mosquitoes and they do not realize the existence of bedbugs in their home.

What are the signs of infestation?

Generally, when you seek the help of a professional service provider with trained employees for bed bug control in Vancouver, they can easily identify the existence of these insects in your home with the help of certain signs like those mentioned below:

  • Stains of blood on your pillows and beds
  • A musty or offensive odor in your bedroom
  • Fecal spots of the insects, egg shells or discarded skins on the areas in which they hide
  • Dark or rusty spots of their excrement on mattresses, walls and bed sheets.

So, seek professional help to identify their existence and they will provide you appropriate remedy.

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