Asian Giant Hornet in Langley

Spring brings freshness and happiness to our life after harsh winter, especially to the residents of BC. Spring is here and so are the insect pests which have started to emerge out of their state of diapause. The new reports have warned about Asian Giant Hornet as an anticipated new danger to BC ecology and residents.

Asian Giant Hornet “Vespa mandarinia” is a honeybee killing predator, first noticed in Nanaimo BC in August 2019. Later reports suggested presence in North Vancouver, Lower Mainland, South Surrey, Aldergrove, near US border in Langley.  It is twice as large as BC native Hornets. These are on average about 3.5 cm long, queen up to 5 cm and wing span up to 7 cm. Mainly these have nests in soil so be careful not disturb these.

The BC residents have been advised to be vigilant and report any sighting to BC Ministry of Agriculture or Invasive Species Council of BC. These killer Hornets haunt insects especially honeybees. They kill bees and take their thorax to feed the larvae. Good thing is they do not attack human or animal unless these are threatened. Bad thing is if swarmed and stung repeatedly, more than 10 times, death may occur in humans. The people allergic to bee venom are at most risk, resulting in anaphylactic shock and possible death.

Never attempt to tackle these if you are not well prepared. Like other insect pests these have to be eradicated and controlled by professionals. Advance Pest Control exterminators are fully-trained and equipped to tackle this menace and keep you safe.

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