Ant and their Types– Tips To Identify Common Types


There is a guest that no one wants to be in their home but every home gets this guest which is nothing but ants. These tiny creatures are considered the number one nuisance when it comes to pests. These creatures can quickly turn out to be the concern, frustration and disgusting thing for homeowners. The unfortunate thing is that they can also pose risk not only the health of the inmates of the house by contaminating foods but they can also create damage to the property as well.

Good news:

The good news for homeowners is that there are different ways to effectively bring down the potential growth of these little ones. Even, these unwelcome visitors can be prevented from invading the house by eliminating standing water or moisture near the property. Also, it is important to keep the plants and trees trimmed as they generally rely on branches of trees and plants to get access to the house.

Signs of infestation:

It is highly important that homeowners should pay close attention to the signs of infestation of these living organisms and should take immediate action to prevent their growth. However, this is not easy for a layman, as he will not have the appropriate training in this regard. However, pest control professionals can help out homeowners in this regard. Here are details about ant and their types:

Argentine ants:

This type is dark brown and appearance and the size will be between 1/16 and ¼ inch. They form colonies in wet environments near a food source. Even though, they do not pose any health risk, they can contaminate food and when they are crushed, they create a musty odor.

Carpenter ants:

These are generally reddish black in color and the size will be around 5/8 inch. They build their nests outdoors in wood sources and they generally get into the buildings via damaged wood and cracks in windows and doors. Even, they can get in through holes meant for wires in houses. They enter the building also through the shrubs that are close to the building. These creatures can create severe damage to the property as they create holes in the wood for building their nests. However, the damage will depend on the longevity of their existence and number of nests they have created in homes.

Crazy ants:

These ants will always be busy running here and there searching for food. They are dark brown to black with a gray sheen in their body and size can be between 1/16 and 1/8 inch. They get into the homes in autumn season or after rainfall and they live underneath floors or carpets. Even, they build their nests outdoor in soil under some objects. Even though, they do not cause any property or health risk, they can cause nuisance.

There are also other kinds like odorous house, pavement and red imported fire ants, when analyzing ant and their types. The thing to remember is that these are social insects and they generally live in colonies. So, what can initially seem to be a small infestation, can grow quickly.

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