Pest Control Burnaby

Common household pests and the damages they cause inside your home As we provide the most exhaustive services for pest control, Burnaby, we have a solution for any kind of pest problem you might have at your home.
What are the kind of pests which could attack your home?
  1. Ants
Ants seem harmless but can do real damage if we let them. Seemingly simple activities, such as storing sugar or sweets, can become a nightmare when there are ants in your home. Your stash of expensive cookies could have ants swarming over it in minutes. If one ant goes inside your clothes shelf, an army of ants will march right up to the clothes and hide inside them. Once you put them on, you might suddenly receive a sharp sting. As the best solution providers for pest control Burnaby, we ensure that you will never face another ant inside your home.
  1. Biting Insects
Bed bugs, cat fleas, mosquitoes and ticks are horrors of every pet-owner or parent. One tiny bug could start an infestation of outlandish levels. Worse, they carry disease-causing vectors, some of which could be fatal. There is no time for lethargy while facing these insects. We provide realistic and eco-friendly solutions for pest control Burnaby within your budget – from pesticides to meshes which prevent these insects into your home.
  1. Cockroaches
Most humans are scared of roaches, and why would they not be when they know that these have been running around in sewers before entering your pristine home. Can you imagine the number of bacteria and virus they would carry on their bodies? More depressing is the fact that these cockroaches are masters when it comes to evading traps or pesticides. Furthermore, they evolve so fast that what worked once, might not work a second time. Well, good that we adapt newer and safer techniques for pest control Burnaby faster than these roaches.
  1. Flies
From being merely irritating with their incessant buzzing to potentially fatal disease carries, flies are difficult to exterminate due to their speed of flight. Gross smells or sweets attract these flies and no amount of swatting might send them away from your home. This is where we can help you for pest control Burnaby by providing solutions which protect your home from future invasions.
  1. Occasional Invaders
Inchworms might seem to have a unique method of movement, but what would you do if your home had worms “looping” all-over? Worms in food or water containers? Worms which cross your bathroom when you take a bath? On the other hand, earwigs might be pretty harmless, but they pack a mean bite in those tiny pincers. There are also silverfishes which damage your precious belongings and springtails which cause itching and rashes. While these insects might not be regular pests to visit a household, it might not be easy to get rid of them. To eliminate them, you will need professional help for pest control Burnaby.
  1. Pantry Pests
Confused Flour Beetle, Drugstore Beetle, Indian Meal Moth, Larder Beetle, Rice Weevil and Saw-toothed grains attack and infests stored food, flour, packages, pet food and grains. Do you want them to cook them accidentally or wonder if you should have thrown the entire sack or package? No, of course not! Which is why we provide the most comprehensive solution for pest control Burnaby.
  1. Rodents
Be it a house mouse or Norway rat; you wouldn’t want them inside your home as pests. They run through at such speeds that you might only catch a glimpse of its tail. They bite through wood and electrical wires with astonishing alacrity and you might not even realise that there could be a fault in the connecting wires. Would you risk shorting a circuit in your home or is it not better to call us exterminators to catch these critters by their tails? Well, we promise not to harm them, but they must not enter your home. They can carry diseases and infect food without your knowledge.
  1. Spiders, Stinging Insects and Termites
Cobwebs are the least of worry – a spider in your home could be a dangerous Black Widow. Or do you notice a couple of bees buzzing on your front lawn? You wouldn’t want to welcome your guests with a bee sting, would you? Termites are the most dangerous in this category as they could compromise the structural integrity of your home while they gnaw away. We have eco-friendly solutions for any of these pests. Call us for pest control Burnaby.

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