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South Surrey, a spectacular place to live is home to an equal blend of both urban amenities as well as extravagant natural beauty. The climate in South Surrey is quite moderate and it is mostly temperate maritime, thus making it an ideal place to live as well as to work. However, like any other area, South Surrey also experiences pest problems that can cause a disturbance in your happy life. In addition to the previous, the temperate climate of South Surrey is characterized by mild wet winters and also warm dry summers. As a result, the climate becomes perfect environmental conductive for multiple pest species. Some common species encountered by the local people are raccoons as well as ants and thus these species require vigilant pest control measures to create a pest-free environment.

Commercial and Residential
pest control:

Both commercial as well as residential areas experience pest issues, and they have to be dealt with on time to ensure that the problem is contained and doesn’t spread. Otherwise, it can become costly and may be tough to deal with.

What are some common pests seen in commercial and residential areas?

The first and most common species are ants! These tiny but destructive pests can cause a lot of trouble because they are small and can infiltrate your residential and commercial property through tiny openings. When summer arrives, ants tend to move to cooler areas such as your homes, and it can cause a lot of frustration for homeowners. In addition to the previous, carpenter ants can be a much bigger issue as they can compromise the structural integrity of your home or building.

Spiders and rodents are also common pests found in South Surrey. Since South Surrey is green, it provides spiders with the perfect place to live. Although they are mostly harmless, but species such as the black widow can cause a serious threat to residents. As for rodents, they enter your homes to search for food, and that’s why they can be mostly found in the kitchen area of your home or building. Bees are also common in summer. Although most bees are also harmless, they can be trouble too!

How often should you call a pest control company in South Surrey?

Since South Surrey has dry weather as well as a wet cold winter, it can experience two types of pests. As a result, the pest control company can be approached before the season starts. Some people might wonder as to why they should be called before the season and why not after. The answer is that when pest control companies come in the start, they can prepare and pack your home. Then for the whole season, pests will not be able to infiltrate your home.

However, sometimes the pest control company might come multiple times. It depends on the infiltration of the pests in your home. If they are in excessive amounts, the pest control company will have to take multiple trips to your home to fully eradicate pests.

Why choose your pest control company?

When it comes to South Surrey, our company is considered the best for pest control and there are several reasons for it. The first reason is that we are a local company, hence we are well aware of the type of pests that live in your homes or buildings. But how can this be beneficial? It is beneficial. We can provide targeted solutions to your pest problems because we already know what types of pests are in your home.

We are in a world where our environment has become extremely sensitive and we need to be very careful. The people living in South Surrey value the beautiful environment that surrounds them, as a result, we focus on providing eco-friendly solutions so that there is zero harm to the environment. Due to this reason, we use most effective and environmentally friendly pesticides to treat your pest problems. These chemicals not only become harmless to the environment but also do not damage the components of your home.

South Surrey is a beautiful place to live so it can become a big discomfort if you are constantly facing pest issues. That is why there needs to be a permanent solution for it. We are the best in the business and so we give you a total guarantee that if you acquire our services, you can relieve yourself from pest issues for a very long time.

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