Rats/Mice are most common and proliferating pests found in dwellings, be it a house, commercial or residential buildings. They take the advantage of a cozy environment, feel protected in walls, attic, crawl spaces and the availability of food. They can breed at a fast rate and explode in numbers if not managed in time. When the facilities are not under use or left unoccupied, these will find a favorable habitat to reproduce at an enormous pace.

Building a new home is everyone’s dream. However, once the building is demolished, the rodents will relocate to neighbors causing an issue for the residents. The Municipalities do not want the rats/mice to spread in the community. Before issuing the building permit, the city requirement is to have a management and rodent abatement declaration. The city would like to make sure such untoward situations do not occur. Before issuing building permits a declaration by a Professional Pest control company is required to assure that the building to be demolished does not have a rat / mice infestation. If any signs are noticed, a mitigation program is initiated to control them before they get a chance to spread to other dwellings. Advance Pest Control is an excellent option for getting the rodent abatement declaration, so you can be confident that you have played your part in preventing the spread of the rodents and keeping the neighborhood safe.

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