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Think of the peace arch and you will fantasise the peaceful living close to US border in White Rock, situated next to Semiahmoo Bay in south and engulfed on three sides by South Surrey. White Rock located between 8th Ave to 16th Ave and 136 Street to 160 Street gets its name from white rock boulder on the beach. It is a tourist’s attraction, very busy in warmer season. White Rock is one of the preferred retired living destinations because of low rain fall and mild climate. It is a small town and part of Metro Vancouver. Medium rise condos are the feature of new developments in recent years. White Rock is mainly a residential and commercial city. Human and pests’ live side by side and compete for the same food and shelter.


Ants, be the regular ants or carpenter ants, love the mild climate and flourish in city like White Rock. You will notice these outside in spring and summer in yard, driveway and around the parameter of house, specifically if you have soil or vegetation next to walls. Inside the ants are found starting February onwards, peak in June July, when more ants move inside. Spiders eat away insects and are beneficial but their sight will scare anyone. Not all spiders are venomous, however, it is hard for everyone to distinguish which are dangerous and which are not. Pest Control White Rock can take care of any pest posing a challenge to you. Rats / mice would be looking for way to sneak in and share your food. These are more active at night time or when there is less activity in house e.g. you go on vacation and least disturbance for rodents. On return you will note the evidence of partying every where. Droppings are first sign, further investigation will show chewing through boxes, plastic bags or food containers, clothes and your belongings all have been under attack. Time to think about Pest Control White Rock.

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Rats and Mice are not only a menace for residences but equally affect the restaurants, retail stores and offices. By biting the food these can transfer pathogens and spread diseases. The sight of mice running in the dining area or kitchen can easily turn away the customers and cause huge economic losses, sometimes resulting in the closure of the business. Pest Control White Rock need to be applied at the first sight. ‘Don’t delay act today’ is the best approach. Cockroaches also find it very convenient to establish. They can come with the purchases or groceries. Once they find a place to hide, they can multiply rapidly. The tiny little babies can run away and are noticed only when they have already reached a large number running around. You find them in utensils, dishes, food products. You don’t want to reach a stage when the customer may find cockroaches in their dishes. A total disaster for business. Take action before you reach such a stage. The aim is to have pest free environment, which is achievable through Pest Control White Rock.

Managing Pests in White Rock

The best pest control strategy follows three steps “Inspect, manage and follow up”. Inspection involves assessment of the pest problem starting with the identification of the pest, assessing the threshold, is it economical or above esthetic threshold justifying control, biology of the pest and history. Knowledge of all these elements will guarantee a successful outcome and control strategy. Beginning with the physical, chemical, biological, mechanical control as appropriate to each situation. It may be single element or a combination. That is when the experience and knowledge come into play. The Advance Pest Control technicians are fully trained and carry long experience of Pest Control White Rock. No program is successful without follow up assessment and review to assure the tangible results. All in all, making each endeavour a success and piece of mind for the customers.

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