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Richmond known as Golden City, located at the south of Vancouver on Lulu Island at the mouth of Fraser River, is a home for most of Asian immigrants. East side border is Georgia Strait, adjacent to Richmond are sea Island and many uninhabited small islets. When you land at Vancouver Airport actually you come to Richmond first. Sea Planes connecting Vancouver Island also operate from Richmond. Asian eateries and shops mark the identity of Richmond. To explore the heritage, you can visit Steveston Village, famous for fishing and Salmon canneries. Even you can explore the Pacific Ocean and go for whale watching. The residences are mix of single, multifamily and high-rise apartments. Peaceful life is often disturbed by the intrusion of pests. The residents here have to deal with pests as elsewhere as food and shelter are easily available

Residential Pests

Ants, especially the pavement ants are the major pest to upset your peaceful life. The sandy soil under the houses on slab is ideal for survival of ants during severe winter conditions. Often residents notice theses ants during cold months inside their warm cozy homes and with spring a lot of these sprung out and are seen everywhere. Rats/mice also take advantage of plenty of food available in residences, in markets, around the garbage bins and any lapses in waste management. Mice are mainly found in kitchen, pantry, food storage areas, Roof rats go all the way into attic, whereas Norwegian rats find access to garage and furnace / laundry area. Unfinished basements and crawl spaces are favoured locations for rodent nesting and proliferation. Come spring and summer wasps/hornets will cause a shiver in spine when your kids are playing in yard or you are having a BBQ party and someone is stung by these. Pest control Richmond will be the call of day in all these situations.

Commercial Pests

Richmond is famous for its eateries and markets. Pests also love that; it increases their food supplies and chance of flourishing. Why wouldn’t these. Mice need tiny little spaces to squeeze in. As saying goes “if a pencil can be pushed under the door, it is enough space for a rat/mouse to sneak in”. Imagine how many of your structures would have those little entry points needing your attention, which could have been easily fixed. You don’t realize till start seeing family of rats/mice inhabiting your premises. Cockroaches are tiny little insect pests which also thrive in restaurants, hotels and motels. Their small size makes it easy for them to stay away from your sight till these become out of control with DIY remedies. Whether, it be rat/mice, cockroaches, flies, their sight or evidence is good enough for your customers to stay away. We need not to emphasis, no customer means no business. You do not need to reach that stage. Pest control Richmond can help.

Industrial Pests

Richmond being a coastal city and due its to vicinity to Vancouver port, Delta Port and Vancouver International Airport is ideal to have industrial complexes. Seagull, pigeons and birds are one of the challenges for businesses. The birds may not only deface your beautiful buildings or make them look ugly but while stealing food can contaminate it and be source of food borne diseases. Be it a house, restaurants, manufacturing facility / warehouse, rats/mice pose equal challenge to all. Bigger the building, better the chance for rodents to find their way in. Any spaces under the door or cracks, openings in the walls, even making holes bigger by gnawing are the entry routes for these little menaces. Ants, small pavement ants or carpenter ants are often noticed in these premises as well.

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Pest control Richmond options and solutions

The pest control Richmond starts with the identification of pests and assessment of the infestation. Ideally proper hygiene, avoiding spillages, keeping food in sealed containers, keeping area around garbage clean, timely renovations & maintenance, keeping structures in good repair at all times are essential in preventing pests built up. However, if the pests are established, once identified the ants can be controlled by spray and bait treatment. Rats/mice are controlled by mechanical or chemical control procedures. Birds by screening, netting or installing deterrence devices. Personal protective equipment is key in dealing with wasps/hornets to avoid their venomous stings. Bedbugs, fleas, silverfish, spiders, flies, fruit flies, grain insect pests can be managed by appropriate pest specific control strategies. To be successful in controlling any pest a well thought out and planned approach is required. The fully trained and experienced professional experts of Advance Pest Control carry the requisite experience and knowledge to provide a customised pest management plan to suit the customers. Your problem is their challenge. They will guide you and provide a long lasting solution.

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