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Whether you are a local resident or someone who has opted to live in Port Moody will be mesmerized with the natural beauty and especially the villages of Belcara & Anmore along the Coast Mountains. Port Moody is smallest of the tri-cities at the east end of Burrard Inlet surrounded by Coquitlam on east and south side and by Burnaby on west. Port Moody has a population of 33,500 in 10,125 private dwellings 80 % owner and 20 % renters an indication of predominant choice of making it a permanent home to live. Pests also cherish excellent living conditions and the proximity of dense residential area with lot of food and garbage available at all times, boosts pest infestations.


Residential pests

Wildlife and rodents are the biggest problems for residents of Port Moody. Rats/mice enjoy co-inhabitation. In doing so these can ruin your precious furniture, belongings, sheds and even the million dollars worth structures of house. These often shred the boxes stacked in crawl space or storage area, in an effort to build nest. These love it. Squirrels and Raccoons rip apart the roof, open sofits and come through chimneys. Particularly in spring during breading seasons this is a very common occurrence. Termites and Carpenter ants also flourish during warmer months. These build tunnels in wood. Their presence is noticed when either you see saw dust but by then these have already done irreparable damage worth thousands of dollars. Regular inspections for pests are key in preventing pest built up. Pest control Port Moody is there for your rescue and to provide ultimate solution for achieving a peaceful and enjoyable living which we all long far and work hard for all our life.

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How to achieve Pest Control Port Moody?

Pest control Port Moody is a job of knowledgeable and experienced professional. Controlling residential, commercial and industrial pests starts with assessing the extent of infestation, determining threshold, applying well though out management plan based upon the history, ecology and biology of a particular pest. The control methods may be barriers for birds, like netting, spikes and deterrents; mechanical catching devices such as traps for rats/mice, multiple catchers, glue boards, sticky pads for mice; Live traps/cages for birds, squirrels, raccoons; pesticide baiting for rats/mice; sprays for ants, spiders, cockroaches, bed bugs, silverfish, flies and many more. Evidently what, when and how is to be applied can only be best decided by the fully trained exterminators. Advance pest control experts are licensed, experienced, accomplished professionals equipped and ready to manage pests under all circumstances.

Industrial pests

 Food manufacturing and storage facilities are prone to attack by a wide range of pests due to easily available foods and moisture. Pigeon, starlet, seagull, sparrows are some of the birds posing challenges to business owners. These build nest around roof, on railings, or inside the buildings. Their droppings not only contaminate food but also ruin the aesthetics of fine buildings. The big warehouses have bay doors for loading and unloading produce. If the doors are left open these will enter inside. The rats/mice are always waiting for such opportunity, if not, even chew and make a hole big enough to squeeze in. An opening of the size of a quarter is good enough. Spaces under the door provide excellent chance. Pest control Port Moody will never let that happen.

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