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Love the environment, agricultural land, watersheds, flood plains, forests, wilderness area, wildlife habitats, wetlands, recreational area, farms and forests; you will love to live in Pitt Meadows amongst the fast-growing communities of Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, Surrey and Langley. Pitt Meadows is a dynamic municipality with growing population of 18,500. The name hasits origin linked to Pitt river and Pitt Lake. Since early settlement the small community has been supplying agricultural produce and dairy products to Vancouver and New Westminster and is still carrying on that role. Pitt Meadows joined the 21 metro Vancouver municipalities in 1995. Mostly a residential and commercial area it has to face the pest control Pitt Meadows problems like other cities.

Residential Pests

Pitt Meadows being mainly farm land, most residences are in the urban town centre as single or multi-family dwellings but rarely high rises. Open habitat encourages the rodents to come looking for food and shelter. The first sign would be seeing a mouse run across the room, during clean up see droppings under the stove or in pantry. First thought it is only one, but how did you figure that out? In reality seeing 1 means a family of 8-10. Considering it a low activity if ignored it would be a big mistake. These will easily grow into big family and running around everywhere in the house;if connected buildings, probably in all units. The cockroaches are another pest in residences which spread very fast and soon can be out of control. Ants, fleas, silverfish would interrupt your peaceful life, which need Pest control Pitt Meadows.

Commercial Pests

Cockroaches live in dark hidden places near food sources. Because of little sizes their demand is not much, however the abundance of food is a factor in cockroach infestation flare up. Restaurants, hotels, motels, and hospitality businesses struggle to deal with infestation. Mice and rats need tiniest of gaps to squeeze in and establish nests in relatively undisturbed spaces. Once established it is an uphill task to eradicate these. Flies, found in bars, restaurants, grocery shops love sugary syrup spillages, enter through open doors and fruit flies come with fruit &vegetable supplies. Their control can be a tedious task but not impossible considering Pest control Pitt Meadows.

Industrial Pests

Pitt Meadows has lot of industries related to food manufacturing and processing, including dairy production. Open spaces and ease of access to food supplies makes it very attractive for rats and mice. Birds are nature’s beautiful creature often reared as pets, however, with the ability to build nests in trees around the facility or in the roof these may turn to be pests than pets. Whether rodents or birds these pests not only damage the food supplies but also contaminate and spread diseases. Their removal may look a gigantic task but not for Pest Control Pitt Meadows.

Pest extermination

Ants, pavement ants, pharaoh ants, regular ants, carpenter ants are the most common tiny insects which invade our residential, commercial and industrial complexes. There are scary moments when these appear in thousands and create chaotic situation to get riddance. Body rashes on upper body from bedbugs and bites on legs from fleas are also unwelcome. Silverfish thrive in dark moist areas and can damage and eat away fibrous material including your valuable and precious books. Rats, if can not find way in, will make one by chewing away, wood, plastic and wall pieces. Occasionally these will find the doors open or spaces around the garage doors. Mice are even smarter and benefit from their smaller size. These can live on little food and not even need much water to survive. They multiply at very fast rate and can be flourishing colony within no time. All these considerations seem worrisome but not if you call Advance Pest Control. Fully bonded, licensed and insured Technician will perform the pest eradication to the best of their proven abilities, provide you with peace of mind, safe and healthy living environment.

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