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Ladner is one of the beautiful fishing and farming land south of the south arm of Fraser river named in early 1837 after Thomas Ellis Ladnerand William Henry Ladner who came from U.K in search of Gold. A number of islands, part of Ladner, are accessible by boats only. Still these days, situated near Richmond and Vancouver, the Ladner harbour is full of fishing boats and boathouses. Ladner has rich history and heritage which make it very attractive to tourists. Around Ladner the open landscape, ocean beeches, forests and wetlands are within few kilometers of each other, make it an ideal place to live. Human and pests compete for their livelihood. Traditionally the pests travel with the migrants and on their transportation vehicles. Delta port in Ladner could not escape this phenomenon. Ants, rats, mice, wasps, Raccoon are found here as well. So, changing weather means rise in seasonal pest infestations. Pest Control Ladner is always there for your assistance.

Residential pests

Not many high-rise buildings are seen around Ladner; however, the single family or multifamily residence are frequently infested with pests like, ants, rats, mice, bed bugs, cockroaches. In the middle of night when you wake up to get drinking water you find the little creepy insects partying around in the kitchen, bathroom or even in bedroom. These are cockroaches. Dirt on floor or saw dust are the signs of ants/carpenter ant’s infestation. Open a drawer or shelf of you cooking range notice tiny black droppings left by mice. It’s time to think about Pest Control Ladner.

Commercial pests

Food manufacturing, processing, storage and transportation are critical elements of human survival ang growth. With the abundance of spilled food and ease with which pests can find food makes these attractive to pests. Rats/mice and birds love it. Once these develop their colonies, they can easily transmit pathogens through their faeces, urine. The rodents love to gnaw and damage, the packaging’s furthering the process of spillage; creating a cycle of pest-food-pests. Ladner Pest control is always there for rescue.

Industrial pests

Industrial complexes, food manufacturing, processing and storage facilities, always provide opportunities to pests, mainly rats/mice, birds, with ample openings and entry points. May be through bay doors, holes in walls, along the pipes and wires entering the buildings. The rodents can flatten their bodies and enter through tiniest of openings. Even they can hitch hike on the transportation vehicles and travel with goods. The thought of having pests is scary but Pest Control Mission has the solutions to deal with your pest problems.

Pest extermination

Be it the bedbugs sucking your blood, ants and creepy crawly creatures thriving on food crumbs, mice looking for fallen food near your cooking range or in pantry, rats in attic finding an undisturbed space to nest, should not be allowed to make your life miserable. The Pest Control Mission is there to provide the services of professionals. Pest management is a highly skilled technical job, involving inspection, identifying factors which encourage the pests to invade your premises, the food sources available to thrive and apply the eco-friendly extermination strategies. Always hire someone trusted, knowledgeable, licensed, insured and bonded to provide you a satisfactory solution and full peace of mind. Calling Advance Pest Control is the right decision since the team of experts is licensed, fully trained, experienced and perform duties with passion.

Pest Management

Mice and rats are cute to look and often kept as pets but the ones you find in your home and businesses are not so safe. These are known to be responsible for spreading diseases, making people sick. They breed fast, 8-15 in one liter and 7-8 times in a year. The growth is exponential. Seeing one means expect hundreds by the end of year if left alone.

Cockroaches come into our buildings with the food, other purchases and our belongings. In the city and high rises, recycling used furniture is the main cause of the spread of the cockroaches. One of the difficult pests to eradicate. Often termed to be the last species to be found on earth if natural disaster happens, but surely these have to be and can be removed from our dwellings.

Rashes on the upper body or blood stains on the pillows and bedsheet are clear signs of bedbugs, most likely, which have hitchhiked when you returned from vacation or travel from hot climate regions. Like any other pest by the time you notice these are already well established. Do not worry Pest Control Ladner is the answer.

Early spring the time wasps start building their colonies or nest, wasp, mud wasp, hornets fly around your homes and build nests in safer places, in shrubs, trees, roof eves, attics, etc. These are dangerous, since repeated stings can force you to seek medical attention.

Hygiene and sanitation are key in Pest Management. However, in any pest control situation reach out for Advance Pest Control, which has 20 plus years of experience,provide 24/7 free quote, trusted service record for affordable and client’s need based, time tested strategies.

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