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Cloverdale is the first of 6-town centre in Surrey located in the east part of the fastest growing city of Canada. The population which reached 5000 in 1968 grew to over 65,000 by 2016 census. A farming community now a days known for Cloverdale Canada Day event and Cloverdale Rodeo & Country Fair on Victoria Day. The Cloverdale residents experience a similar competition for food and shelter with pests as any other urban settlements. The density of population directly impacts the number of pests. Some pests are scavengers & predators keeping natural balance in ecosystem. A sudden surge or uncontrolled proliferation can be problematic.

Residential Pests

Bedbugs can wake you up from your fast and dreamy sleep at night with bites or you may suddenly notice rashes on arms, legs, back, particularly upper body. Bedbugs feed on our blood. These are hardy insects which can survive without food for many months. These like to stay in dark places, cracks in furniture, bed frames, folds in mattresses, etc. How did you got them is always an intriguing question while you have been stringent in keeping your house clean year after year? These tiny pests can be brought in your baggage with a return from travel abroad where you stayed in an infested hotel or from recycled furniture you bought recently. If not addressed early bedbugs spread all around in your house. Cockroaches are another pest which can come along with purchases, luggage brought back from public storage, or interconnected sewerage system. Nocturnal in nature they are rarely seen during day time in residences unless the population has grown into heavy infestation zone. Wake up at night, switch on light and you will see these rushing back to their hiding places. These can contaminate our food and be a source of spreading germs and diseases. Mice / rats are also responsible for causing illness and make our homes infected and unhealthy. Pest Control Cloverdale will address your pest problem, small and large.

Commercial Pest

Rats/mice love to stay outside as well as inside wherever the food is available in abundance. These are fast breeder. They reproduce fast by 6-8 litres every year and 8-12 babies per litre. So, imagine if not controlled early how quickly the colony can become unmanageable, and the extent it will cause the damage to your business. Restaurants, hotels, motels all have to be on top with their rat/mice control programme. Pest control Cloverdale makes sure the businesses do not have to face the dilemma to deal with out of control number of rodents and avoid food contamination with potential of spreading infectious diseases. Cockroaches grow and spread even at a faster rate. German cockroaches most commonly found in Canada are very tiny sized insects with the ability of hiding in small cracks and survive control measures. Pest control Cloverdale has the experience and technology to take care of any apparently un-manageable pest infestation.

Industrial Pests

Office space, manufacturing floor, storage areas are always in danger of pest build up. Even if no food manufacturing is going on at the premises, rats / mice will search for the spillage in kitchen or food storage area. Stealing or taking a bite of the cookies & snakes in the office drawer, hidden from colleague, by mice is a common occurrence. Mostly coming out at night, over the time these become dare devils which are no more afraid to venture out during day-time. If unchecked, their number can skyrocket to the extent that they may spread to neighbour hood in search of food and shelter. The birds always lurk around industrial facilities to take a chance on the food spillage, extra food dumped in garbage bins, or even food stored in warehouses. Scavenging spills and garbage is welcome and not of concern but constant visits and stay can generate the problem by their droppings. Even the facial appearance of the once beautiful buildings will start looking ugly. Flies take advantage of doors, windows and other open spaces. The flies are known vectors of infectious diseases.

Cloverdale Pest control strategies

Pest control Cloverdale involves setting up highly charged electrical lights to attract and eradicate flies trying to sneak into the warehouses and any other food facilities. Pheromone traps are set to monitor and map pest populations in different areas. Rats/mice bait traps set around the building serve dual purpose. Firstly, regular check for bait consumption will indicate the extent of infestation and secondly the eaten bait will resultantly kill them. A regular monitoring and control program are the key for success. Birds require exclusion work, use of screens, spikes and deterrence devices. Ants, bedbugs, cockroaches, fruit flies, silverfish all need bug specific targeted approach. Evidently this is the job of highly skilled experts. The team of professional exterminators at Advance pest control are fully equipped to solve any pest problem in Cloverdale, with excellence from inspection to service.

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