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Chilliwack, 100 km east of Vancouver between Fraser River and Canada-USA border, is a beautiful city in the Fraser Valley, being 7th largest in BC. This picturesque city is surrounded by mountains and recreational areas like Cultus Lake, Chilliwack Lake provincial Park. Being historically an agricultural community, most of the residents’ dwell in city. Chilliwack’s service and retail sector account for approximately half of GDP.

The other growing industries include manufacturing, construction and agriculture & Forestry. People choose Chilliwack because ease of access to small town lifestyle, affordability, less of entrepreneurial hustle found in big cities like Vancouver. It offers all good things in life including more time for leisurely activities. During this enjoyable living in Chilliwack, at one time or the other you have to encounter and deal with the pests. The pests need not be an obstacle in your safe and healthy living.

Residential Pests

Rodents are one of the most frequented and top most in infesting residences. These want to share your food and look for a safe place to live away from predators. These do not realize that humans are also not their friends. The rats / mice can chew and damage your belongings, destroy your valuable collections, contaminate your food through bites or urination, spread pathogens and diseases. On other occasions you may wake up with bites or rashes on your body. First action needs to be close inspection of your bed sheets. Tiny spots on linen will confirm the presence of blood sucking bedbugs. These may have come with your baggage after return from travel abroad, when you stayed at infested place or hotels. By the time you notice these may have already proliferated in thousands. A gigantic task to control and eradicate these bugs. Come spring and summer you may have to deal with tiny ants or relatively bigger carpenter ants. These will not only try to steel your food but also do the damage to the structures. The carpenter ants damage repairs costs to your residences may run into thousands of dollars. To prevent such a stage to reach, proactive actions are the key. Indian Meal Moths frequently spread in your kitchen and other rooms. Their eggs can come from grain bags which have been packaged in an infested facility. These microscopic eggs are not visible and are noticed only when partially used packs are left in pantry and moths emerge. Always first reaction is to try home based remedies with the help from social media. Nothing wrong with that except that each situation is different and would require a targeted well thought out control program. There is no ‘one fits all solution’. Pest Control Chilliwack offers state of the art management strategy.

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Commercial Pests

Chilliwack businesses have to encounter similar pest issues as in any city. Restaurants and retail stores find rats/mice contaminating their food ingredients or prepared foods. Customer watching a mouse run across the dining area is a total disaster. The reputation can be severely damaged and irreversible losses may result. Many businesses may have to face the ultimate closure. Taking right actions at the right time will definitely save you from embarrassment and financial losses. Similarly finding cockroach in the dish or on the tables can be equally detrimental. These tiny insects, particularly German cockroaches can hide in small cracks in wall, floor, drop down ceiling and proliferate quickly. One female produces on an average 150 offspring during life time. Food and water are easily and abundantly available in businesses & residences. Flies take advantage of frequent opening of doors or cracks in windows. Once inside, the habitat is favourable for survival and growth. The screens on doors/windows or installing fly lights is the best prevention and control strategy. Sticky tapes are also used to monitor the fly population.  Once the pest populations have reached above threshold a proper pest control is inevitable. Whichever the pest maybe it requires immediate attention and an appropriate Pest Control Chilliwack program.

Industrial Pests

Rodents are the biggest challenge for most of the food manufacturing, packaging and storage facilities. The opportunity for rats/mice to enter the building are enormous. The receiving and shipping doors are left open for lengthy periods. Over the period with wear and tear big gaps appear under the doors, the door strips get cracks or spaces big enough for rats/mice to squeeze through. Rats may still need to go out in search of water; however, mice generally get their water intake requirement fulfilled from the food. This difference impacts the decaying process after their death. Mice generally dry out and there is no bad smell whereas, when rat dies and decay its bad smell may reach an unbearable stage within a week or two. If it is inside the wall then very hard to locate and disposal can become an unsurmountable task. Birds are also a big challenge for industrial Pest Control Chilliwack. These take advantage of the big bay doors left open during receiving and shipping foods. Inside they will not only steal food but also contaminate it through their droppings. Keeping the doors closed and installing air curtains helps a lot to prevent their entry, however, once established inside a well thought out plan is essential for total eradication. Bird control in Chilliwack would benefit from the services of Pest control professionals.

Proven strategies for Pest Control in Chilliwack

Instinctive approach for any pest control would be to tackle the visible infestation which always results in partial control and the problem resurfaces after some times. The proper professional program is a three-step process. The experienced experts from Advance Pest Control will first inspect the facility, assess the nature and extent of the infestations and look for the factors responsible or encouraging pest proliferation. Based upon this information a pest specific control strategy is discussed with the customer and implemented. The program is designed according to the pest involved, location and the affordability of the customers. The measures may involve mechanical trapping, exclusion work for prevention, biological control or chemical control for total extermination. Third and last step of follow ups are essential element for a successful Pest control Chilliwack. These assure that the chance of reoccurrence of pest infestations are minimized or negligible. The mission of fully trained experts from Advance Pest Control is to provide a cost-effective best pest control to the satisfaction of our valued customers.

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