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If you are fascinated by the fragrance and colours of Levander, drive 60 km east of Vancouver to Aldergrove, a community between southeastern edge of township of Langley and western edge of Abbotsford. Urban in nature, located on hill Aldergrove has been predominantly agricultural land having berry fields, Levander fields, biggest Licensed Cannabis farm and several dairy farms. Visitors fond of 2nd hand shopping will have a lot to cherish in Aldergrove. Greater Vancouver Zoo is an attraction for tourists. Aldergrove is mix of residences and businesses, with 14,500 inhabitants according to 2016 census living in 5280 private dwellings grown by 7% since last census in 2011. People and pests’ share the same food resources. Pest control Aldergrove maintains the balance in favour of human by lowering threshold and eradicating pests.

Residential pests

In Aldergrove tiny little ants known as regular ants, pavement ants, black or brown, are seen everywhere if the climate is favourable. In winters these mostly appear inside homes in warm areas such as laundry, furnace areas, washroom, kitchen; during spring and summer more so outside as well. Near the nesting place or source of food these may be seen a lot or otherwise the worker ants are noticed as marching in a line like an army bringing food supplies to their nest. Pest control Aldergrove can take care of the ants. Rats / mice also take their chances throughout the year. In homes small spillage of food while partying, watching movies or favourite sports channel may be good enough to attract mice. The holes in walls / wood frames for plumbing and wiring serve as mobility channels. No wonder sleeping in bed you are often awakened by scratchy noises during night.

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Commercial pests

The rats and mice not only disturb your sleep but restaurants and food stores are equally attractive to rodents. Mice droppings can contaminate our food. These are largely responsible for spreading diseases. One of the ways food borne illnesses make us sick. The cockroaches are another pest which is abundantly present in food facilities. These also can contaminate foods and food utensils. The business owners sometimes have a uphill task in controlling these little creatures, which can hide in cracks and tiny dark places, survive without food and water for months. Fruit flies often hitchhike and come along with the fresh produce. Once established is an enormous challenge, require consistent efforts, great deal of time and money to eliminate. Not so if business owners contact Pest control Aldergrove.

Industrial Pests

Food manufacturing and storage facilities may face biggest challenge from stored grain pests like Indian Meal Moths, drug house beetles, ants. The survival conditions are extremely favourable and any lapses in hygiene can result in flare up infestation. Birds also take their chances and if not tackled early will set up their nests. Their droppings can both ruin the quality and safety of the food being manufactured or stored. Rats and mice would not only eat the food, make holes in storage containers or boxes but be a health issue and responsible for foodborne diseases. These do destroy millions of dollars worth of food every year, which can not be allowed to, happen when many people don’t get enough food to survive and face hunger. Pest control Aldergrove deals with any pest situation promptly.

Why to call Pest control Aldergrove?

Human instinct tells us “I can personally handle everything”. Using our knowledge, talking to friends, going through information networks we become overconfident and would apply DIY solutions. These work if we get the total information and proper tools, however, each situation may demand a varied strategy and approach. That is where the training and experience come to play a vital role. The Advance pest control experts are there to provide customised professional solutions at affordable prices.